The Collaboratory story

Strong and dynamic relationships are at the heart of any successful organization. The bonds that exist between your business and its consumers, members, donors, partners, employees and others create a strong foundation on which your organization can grow and thrive.

That’s where The Collaboratory comes in.

Creating relationships that last

The Collaboratory partners with organizations like yours to build deeper and longer-lasting relationships. Using insights-based research and data-driven marketing, together we will develop strategies and implement campaigns that create more meaningful and more valuable relationships.

The Collaboratory uses the uniquely powerful combination of art and science to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be: growing your membership, donor base, or prospect file; adapting to an evolving marketplace; communicating more effectively; or increasing retention and revenue.

And we do all that with a heaping dose of empathy.

Why does empathy matter?
Because your constituents aren’t numbers on a spreadsheet or revenue to achieve. They are people … people who want to connect meaningfully with your organization. And we’ll never forget that.

Craig Wood

Founder & Chief Collaborator

Craig Wood is a change agent with a demonstrated track record of success. He is recognized as an authority on leveraging data and consumer insights to build stronger audience engagement and connection — the key components to driving sustainable growth for any organization.

With over three decades of working with some of the most established brands and organizations, Craig has developed a unique and powerful ability to help organizations launch, grow and thrive.

As the leader of The Collaboratory’s team of seasoned experts, Craig ensures every Collaborator brings equal parts passion and talent to client projects. He believes collaboration, curiosity, and candor are the critical components of success — and that’s precisely what you’ll get when you partner with The Collaboratory.

Sarah Catlett

Senior Collaborator

Sarah Catlett is a curious explorer of angles, perspectives, and what makes people tick. She is a sought-after presenter, workshop facilitator, and generational expert skilled at creating moments of meaning and connection through understanding, vulnerability, passion, and exposure to new ideas, people, and places.

With two decades of experience in integrating analytic, creative, and strategic thinking, she has a dynamic ability to inspire organizations to better understand human and consumer behavior and translate that understanding into business growth and innovation.

As Senior Collaborator, Sarah brings her analytic rigor, storytelling expertise, and passion for building long-lasting relationships to every project.

The impact of working together

The Collaboratory partners with organizations like yours to build deeper and longer-lasting relationships with those who matter most. Using insights-based research and data-driven marketing, together we will develop strategies and implement campaigns that create more meaningful, valuable relationships.

The Collaboratory helps organizations like yours understand, connect, and engage important audiences — customers, donors, members, employees, management, boards, and more — and set you up for success in the future.

Working with The Collaboratory, you’ll get a deep understanding of the people you serve and learn how to use those insights to:

Accelerate growth
Increase revenue
Retain members
Strengthen & streamline operations
Evolve your corporate culture

But we don’t do strategy for strategy’s sake. We create actionable plans based on our research, data, and expertise, and work with you side-by-side to execute and optimize those plans to their fullest potential.

How we collaborate


Strong relationships are built on a foundation of understanding. By deeply understanding your audience — who they are, how they behave, and what motivates them — we can help you craft and execute strategies for success. 

Collaboratory services:

  • Persona Development & Audience Profiles
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Data Analytics & Mining


Using what we have uncovered about your audiences, we’ll identify the best ways to connect with them, as well as craft the motivating messages that will inspire them to respond. 

Collaboratory services:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Loyalty Strategy & Program Development
  • Campaign Planning: Acquisition, Cultivation, Retention, Upsell, Cross-sell


Relationships are built, strengthened, and maintained through engagement campaigns. We’ll design winning engagement strategies specifically for your audiences — internal and external alike. 

Collaboratory services:

  • Campaign Execution
  • Program Evaluation & Optimization

Organizational Success

Success isn’t a point in time; it’s an ongoing process that requires evaluation, strategic planning, and often organizational change. With a deep understanding of the communities and audiences you serve, and an awareness of your own organizational needs, the Collaboratory can help set you up for enduring success — in the year ahead and for years to come.

Collaboratory services:

  • Strategic Planning & Integrated Annual Planning 
  • Organizational Culture Consulting 
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Design Thinking
  • Speaking Engagements & Training Sessions

From our clients

If you want to understand the value of collaborating with our team, listen to what some of our clients are saying:

Craig used his many years of experience with large national brands to help AOA build stronger connections and loyalty with our members in exciting and measurable ways.
Charlie Simpson, Chief Communications Officer
American Osteopathic Association (AOA)
As one of our key strategic partners, Craig and his team truly took the time needed to understand our pain points. They delivered actionable and impactful solutions to help grow our organization so we can continue to make a difference in our community.
Brent Stewart, CEO
United Way of Greater Kansas City
Craig has been a valuable partner and trusted advisor to ASAE. He and his team are smart, strategic, forward-thinking and know what’s important to shape the future of associations.
Susan Robertson, EVP
American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

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